London Musical Trip



Music lovers pick London as their bucketlist. So did I, dreaming of London for exploring the various music was born on this city. On last September I got a chance to visit with the family for 6 days. I use this opportunity to digging LPs, visited record store and enjoy the musical performance.Here are a few places that I visited with the shortest possible time. As usual I always go to the art market and flea market.


  • Let’s start from Camden market. Quite interesting but too neat and touristic for me. But I can get older musicians LPs with low prices, 3 pounds, 2 pounds even if you are lucky. There are 3 record store quite a lot of choice but not quite complete. There is one special record store reggae music here. Provided free wifi for you who like digging while browsing discogs. LOL.


  • Covent Garden market, also known as the art market. The artist sells his work here. Once satisfied to see that the market like this exhibition, we could relax in the food court area similar to the many choices of good food. Try Mushroom Burger from Shake n Shack. In the middle big mushroom they put mozarella . While enjoying the food you can watch a variety show performance of the brass section to the opera singer.

    A little out of its market area you can see at a record store that guards once pleasant and very helpfull; Fopp. This is the first record store I went to, a collection of its current musicians quite complete. One floor second floor mixed music and movie collection. Cheapest price compared to other record store.




  • Portobello Market, one of the most lovely market in London. Colorful, warm, market spilled filled with street performers, antiques and LPs is expensive, many rare releases and legend. But do not worry Rough Trade is open here as well, if you can not to East London, could be spending a physical release here.



  • Berwick street, Soho.Initially we were here because my husbro want to take pictures set in Berwick street along LPs Oasis “Whats The Story Morning Glory”. And I was met with Reckless record , record store that has a collection of jazz releases overwhelming and it turns out they are orange shop in the Oasis album cover.  After chatting with a Japanese man kind we left Tesla Manaf’s CD he listens. And not far from there is place to drink beer, a complete painting tools and Sister Ray Soho is famous as a first Sister Ray on London. Waaa .. everything is unexpected. This delightful area. Do not forget to stop by also to Sounds of The Universe, still in the same area.


  • One of the most impressive from the street performer London is well-organized, those musicians who mostly sell releases, so we linger to see his performance. A small part singing, but still played with soulful.



  • You have not been to London if you have not watched any of a variety of musical performance. The Book of Mormon, Lion King, Mamma Mia, Billy Elliot, The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and Wicked. We chose Wicked because of love with the story Wicked Witch and OZ. It turned out that the price is still relatively affordable, 20 pounds. Not too far from the stage. If one wants to watch at close range can rent binoculars for 1 pound.


Unfortunately we don’t have enough time for  jazz bar,  Abbey Road, Beatles museum, live musicIndependent Label Market, where labels will be selling direct to fans, it’s in Spittalfields Market.

We also passed Soul Brother record store which is said to have a great collection.Next, we will should stop by. We will back to London for the survey Substore London. Amen. HAHA


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