Fantastic Plastic Machine

Fantastic Plastic Machine its solo project by Tomoyuki Tanaka, electronic music artist.

He is considered to be part of the Shibuya-Kei movement (Japanese pop music which originated in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. A mix between jazz, pop and synthpop).

If you remember about Margarine Strikes Back, Tanaka played as the bassist.

Then his bestfriend, Towa Tei convinced Tanaka to go back to recording music and Fantastic Plastic Machine born in 1997 under the Readymade Records label in Japan (a Columbia Music Entertainment sub label). The album were distributed in the US and Europe.

His awesome song, Reaching for The Star had collaboration with British Acid Jazz, Incognito.

This album (released in 2003) full of suprised, include French singer Coralie Clement and voice actor Ward E. Sexton.

If you wanna stalking his activity and schedule, you can check on his official website;

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